Fanfare for the Stately Pine (2015)

3 Trumpets, 4 Horns in F, 2 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

World Premiere: July 17, 2015

Written at Interlochen Arts Camp, Summer 2015, and performed by brass musicians from the World Youth Symphony Orchestra, the World Youth Wind Symphony, the Interlochen Philharmonic, and staff members. 

Program Notes:

This piece for brass choir celebrates what it means to begin something, specifically in regards to the creative processes of young artists, as I began writing the piece on the first day of Interlochen Arts Camp this summer. It opens with bright and buoyant momentum, like the energy one would have when embarking on a new project, which in the case of Interlochen can include anything from a new sculpture to a theatrical performance. I use the piece to represent my own process in composing because after all the initial excitement I have in writing something new, I have to slow myself down and start condensing ideas, working on more of the “nuts and bolts,” the details, of the piece. Thus the orchestration lightens and the harmonies follow a more and more unexpected melodic line, reflecting how my own expectations and plans for my work at its conception often change and evolve as I continue writing, and more generally reflecting the unpredictable atmosphere an artist may experience while creating.. These moments of crunchy-versus-luscious harmonies paint the piece in the warm glow of the brass ensemble, giving the piece strong color. The piece concludes with a recap of the opening, sending the artist with the confidence to dive into the rest of whatever project he or she has begun.