Soon (2016)

Solo cello

Program note:

I wrote Soon at a time in which I felt simultaneously apprehensive and excited for the coming of my next major transition: moving into college. Throughout this confusing time, my dear friend Anna Seppa, to whom this piece is dedicated, helped me develop the confidence and the patience I needed in awaiting the future. The theme of our conversations was always centered around the word “soon,” that things would be made clear soon, for both of us. Musically, I structured the piece so that there are long moments of slow moving gestures interrupted by short spurts of energy, be it a single note or a group of notes. There is a sort of longing to be discovered in the piece, a longing to jump ahead to the next adventure, but then realizing everything must be taken one moment at a time. There are fast breaks in the piece representative of looking toward “the future,” but they are ultimately slowed down by the reservations of “the present.” The piece invokes dichotomous senses of agitation and serenity, and these otherwise independent senses combine in the end to form a sense of excitement; excitement for both the present and for the future.